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See my solo show,


performed as part of the

2009 New York International Fringe Festival!

Equity Approved Showcase
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It seems like most solo shows go something like this: "A first-person narrative of my life and times in New York City as a struggling actor - plus I sing!!!"

Yeah, this is not that kind of show. Why not? Well, among other things:

A bike messenger is chased by thugs.
An attempt is made on an old man's life.
A college student takes vengeance into his own hands.
A trucker saves a stranger's life and loses his memory.

This is a full-on play, with seven loosely interconnected monologues telling the stories of seven people all coming to terms with the after-effects of huge, life-altering events.

I've been workshopping the seven monologues in Thruline for the last year at The Barrow Group's Blue Plate Special. I think the hard work has paid off.

But don't take my word for it. Come find out for yourself!